Welcome Whitehall CU Members!

On behalf of the Board of Directors and Pathways Financial Credit Union team, we warmly welcome you to your credit union!

Effective September 28, 2019, Whitehall Credit Union will become part of the Pathways Financial Credit Union family. Below are important information and dates about the merger, your account, and more. But first, wanted to share some helpful information with you as the merger date approaches.

Pathways associates are available via phone at (614) 416-7588 or (800) 367-7485 for questions. Contact Center hours are 8:30 am EST – 5 pm EST (Monday – Friday) and 9:00 am EST – Noon EST (Saturday).



Whitehall CU VISA Credit Cards: 1-800-433-0505

Whitehall CU MasterCard Debit Cards: 1-844-665-6267




The Whitehall CU Member Merger Guide

We recently sent out a merger guide to you that is filled with important dates, information and instructions on what to expect going forward. It’s important to keep this guide handy, as it will help your transition into the Pathways family. Can’t find your guide, or did it get lost in the mail? That’s fine. Click the button below for a fresh digital copy!



Welcome to a Robust Online Banking Platform

We’re happy to introduce you to the Pathways Online Banking experience. But first, we want to help you get set up, and understand how our Online Banking works. The two buttons below lead to user instructions on how to enroll in Pathways Online Banking, and the other is a helpful video tutorial on the basics of what to expect.

Please Note: you will need to enter all previous automatic recurring transfers that you had previously set up in the Whitehall CU Online Banking system in your new Pathways Online Banking platform. If you were a Whitehall CU Bill Pay Platform user: the Whitehall CU Bill Pay platform is no longer available. Please set up your payees in the Pathways Bill Pay platform. Click Here to see how you do it.




Do You Need Access to Your Whitehall CU e-statements? We got you covered.

While we’re excited to have you, we know that a merger can be a complicated process filled with changes. Especially if you’re trying to keep track of your past financial records. To help you access your history at Whitehall Credit Union, click the button below to access a 12-month archive of your past e-statements from your previous Whitehall CU membership.




Want to Dive Right Into What Makes Pathways Different? Great!

We’ve put together a helpful web-guide that explains a lot of what being a Pathways member means, the kinds of products and services you can enjoy, and also how a lot of our features and benefits work. Need to set up online banking? We got instructions for that. Need to understand how Mobile Check Deposit works? It’s in there. Click the button below to learn more about what will be possible once you become a Pathways member.



Soon You Can Change Up Your Checking with Swipe2Save!

Swipe2Save iconLet’s introduce you to Swipe2Save Checking as the merger date approaches. With Swipe2Save Checking, we round up your debit card purchases and deposit them into a Member Rewards savings account that earns an amazing 10.0% APY! Pathways even matches your round-ups up to $50 for the first six months (that’s up to $600 in savings!) Check out the video below to see how Swipe2Save works!

For Whitehall CU Members With Checking Accounts

If you already have an Whitehall CU Checking account, it will automatically be upgraded to our Swipe2Save checking. But you’re not getting the full FREE benefit of Swipe2Save checking yet, so click the button below to enroll in round-ups and start down the path to potentially saving up to $600 in your first six months!

For Whitehall CU Members Without Checking Accounts

Don’t have a checking account yet? No problem! Here’s how you can apply. Click the button below to log into Online Banking (need to register for Online Banking still? No problem, here’s how you do it). Then, once inside Online Banking, Just click New Accounts and then More Share Info. Then, click Open next to the Swipe2Save! That’s it!



Don’t Forget! Here Are Important Information and Dates for You to Know

Change can be a challenge and here at Pathways we want to make the transition as easy and seamless as possible. To help make this a little easier for you we have listed the key dates for the transition of your account to Pathways Financial Credit Union.

  • September 9, 2019
    • Member vote completed
    • A Pathways welcome letter is sent to all Whitehall CU members
  • Between September 20 and September 25
    • A Pathways Merger Guide is sent to all Whitehall CU members
    • A video will be sent to all Whitehall CU members explaining how to enroll in the Pathways Online Bill Pay system on September 30
  • September 27, 2019
    • Last day of operation for Whitehall CU “Internet Teller” Online Banking & Online Bill Pay systems. (Systems will shut down at 4:00 pm EST)
  • September 28, 2019
    • Official merger date. Welcome to Pathways!
    • Whitehall CU statements and e-statements will migrate over to the Pathways statements system and branding
      • Please Note: You will get statements from both Pathways and Whitehall CU for month of September, since the merger will occur before the end of the month.
    • The Whitehall CU Branch will be closed on this day to help facilitate the merger process
  • September 30, 2019
    • Pathways Online Banking is now available to you.
    • The Pathways Online Bill Pay system is now available to you. Please start adding your bill payees and scheduling payments
    • The Whitehall CU branch will re-open at 8:30 am EST as a branch of Pathways
    • All Pathways branches are now available to you to use as well
    • Pathways associates will be available to assist you by phone at (614) 416-7588 or (800) 367-7485