Keep Your Debit & Credit Cards Safe with Card Controls

Control your Card. Know when it's used lock it at anytime.

Pathways is constantly working towards new and innovative solutions designed to give you peace of mind with your finances when it comes to account security. As a member of Pathways you get FREE card control notifications and alerts via our Online Mobile Banking App. The instructions below will help walk you through the very quick and easy process of finding this feature, giving you the ability to be instantly informed of any potentially erroneous activity via email or mobile text, as well as the ability to report a lost or stolen card and other notification settings.

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Step One
On the main application page click “Card Controls” (must have current version of the app)

Step Two

Select “Manage My Cards” to Open Up the Card Control Interface, as shown.

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Step Three

From here you can see all the cards you can control. If you select a card, it will bring up an interface that allows you to view balances and transactions, set up notifications, or even freeze and unfreeze your card in the event of loss or theft. That’s it! It’s that easy!

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