Control your Card. Know when it's used lock it at anytime.

When your debit card is used fraudulently, the money goes missing from your account instantly. Payments you’ve scheduled or checks you’ve mailed may go unpaid, and you may not be able to afford necessities. It can take a while for the fraud to be cleared up and the money restored to your account.

That’s why Pathways is constantly working towards new fraud prevention solutions designed to give YOU control over your debit or credit card spending. As a member of Pathways, you get FREE card controls and alerts via our online and mobile banking platform.

Now, you have the ability to lock your debit or credit card when it is not in use. This prevents any unauthorized transactions from coming through without your approval.

To lock your card:

  • Select the account attached to the debit or credit card
  • Click “Card Services” (located below the account balance summary)
  • Select the desired card and click “Advanced Card Controls” in the menu below
  • Follow the prompts to “Register Your Card
  • Once registration is complete, toggle the switch under the desired card to “Card is Locked

*Don’t forget to toggle the switch to “Card Is Unlocked” prior to making a purchase.

With card controls and alerts, Pathways allows you to be instantly informed of any potentially fraudulent activity via email, text, and push notifications as well as the ability to report a lost or stolen card.

Here are some card alerts you should consider activating:

  • Alert me when there are In-Store International transactions
  • Alert me when In-Store transactions occur outside my regions
  • Alert me for these type(s) of merchant transactions:
    • Department Store, Entertainment, Gas Station, Grocery, Restaurant, Travel
  • Alert me for these type(s) of transactions:
    • In-store, ATM, eCommerce
    • We recommend adding the alert for eCommerce where more than 90% of fraudulent transactions occur

We hope these fraud prevention solutions keep YOU in the drivers seat of your spending. If you have any questions or need help setting up card controls please call us directly at 614-416-7588 or stop by one of our convenient branch locations.


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