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SMARTScore Powered by SavvyMoney
Anyone Who Wants to Monitor or Protect Their Credit for Free

Thousands Are Already Safely Monitoring Their Credit Score for Free. Why Shouldn’t You?

With Pathways SMARTScore, you can now protect and manage your credit anytime, anywhere, for FREE, through Online Banking.

  • Enjoy unlimited access to your credit score and credit report.
  • Free Credit Report Monitoring
  • Understand what your credit score means, factors that impact it, and what you can do to strengthen it.
  • Receive custom recommendations to improve it along with personalized offers designed to help you save money.
Interested? Let’s Get Started!
  1. Login to Online Banking or the button to the right.
  2. Look under “My Accounts” in the menu.
  3. Click “Credit Score” (here’s a helpful screenshot!).
  4. Then just follow the simple directions to enroll for your free credit score!