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  • Special access to educational websites
  • Annual birthday card
  • Periodic statements detailing account activity
  • No fees
  • Quarterly dividends
  • Insured up to $500,000

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Thrive by Five
Children under Five


Pre_k_logo_horiz_smThrive by Five: Teaching Your Preschooler About Spending and Saving

Children learn about money from many sources. Long before they enter school, they observe adults using money and buying things. They watch television daily and see thousands of commercials each year. Like it or not, money is a part of your preschooler’s life.

What children witness affects their attitudes about what money is for. Some of these beliefs will help them as adult consumers and some will not. For example, they might get the message that saving is important or they might not.

As a parent, you will not be the only influence on what your child learns about using money. But when you teach basic lessons about money, you increase the chance that your child’s values will be similar to yours.

Thrive by Five offers the following benefits:

  • Teaching how money works and what it can do,
  • Talking about how your family uses money, and
  • Modeling good money management.


5 Spot
Children aged 5-10

5gpx_logo_5spot_bg-Spot introduces important financial concepts by igniting a natural love of play with highly interactive games, stories and more. Kids members can:

  • Earn virtual money by playing games and reading stories; spend it decorating a personal virtual clubhouse
  • Practice saving, spending and sharing
  • Get familiar with their credit union
AJ's Mall
Children aged 10-12

gpx_logo_ajsA-J’s Mall (for ages 11-13) offers a fun meeting place, encouraging creative interaction while educating about money and responsibility. Kid members can:

  • Vote on comic book story lines teaching money management
  • Post notes to their friends
  • Build their own super-hero identities
Teens aged 13-17

gpx_logo_cnote_bgC-Note has interactive features that teach money management skills. Teen members can:

  • Have a chance to win and save money by entering photo contests
  • Reach out to others using a moderated comment feature and blog posts
  • View entertaining student-created videos that provide financial lessons
My Path: Guides to Independence
Young adults aged 13-17 who want to prepare for what lies head.

files-mypath-doodle-designAt Pathways, we believe you’re never too young to start preparing for your financial future. That’s why we proudly offer offer an account designed just for our members 13-17. The MyPath Teen Account prepares you for what’s ahead on the financial horizon — balancing a checking account, buying that first car, making smart credit card decisions — while also offering special giveaways and drawings.

Here’s How it Works: 

All MyPath Teen Account members get exclusive access to our Guides to Independence online resource. Here you can learn smart money management tips, take online courses, read blogs, connect via social media and more. Registering for Guides to Independence is completely free and just takes a few seconds.

Once you’re registered, check out “The Guides” section of the microsite. Here you can take a variety of brief courses covering different financial topics. Complete one course each quarter and we’ll enter you to win a $50 gift card! All MyPath members who have completed one course or more throughout the year will be entered to win our $100 cash giveaway at year-end.

Account Features:

  • Free online, mobile, and text banking
  • Option to add a checking account with debit card at 16*
  • No monthly service fee, no minimum balance requirements
  • Earn dividends on average daily balances of $250+
  • Unlimited transactions
  • Free ATM/debit card*
  • Free and unlimited usage of ATM cards at Pathways ATMs; surcharges may apply at non-Alliance One/Money Pass ATMs.

MyPath members also have access to C-Note,  an interactive teaching tool that encourages several helpful money management skills. With C-Note, you can:

  • Have a chance to win and save money by entering photo contests
  • Reach out to others using a moderated comment feature and blog posts
  • View entertaining student-created videos that provide financial lessons