Our Values

Being a not-for-profit financial cooperative, meeting and serving members’ financial needs is what we value most and is a fundamental commitment to our organization. Whether companies are aware of it or not, they have core values.  They have things they value above all else, and these are the foundational qualities that make up their organization.

At Pathways, our vision is to make banking as easy and efficient as possible for our members.  And there are beliefs we have that hold us to our mission every day.  Those are:

  • We believe service is our key differentiator.  You have many choices for where to bank.  And we believe that our employees and the way they treat members is what sets us apart from other financial institutions.
  • We believe members come first; they are “the boss.”  As a member, you own the credit union, and you have a say in how we operate, the products and services we offer, and how we serve your financial needs.  We work for you.
  • We believe in building trust and lifelong relationships with our members.  You are not a number to us.  You are an individual with individual needs and goals.
  • We believe in providing value to our members.  We want to make your life better and easier.  This is the value we can provide by being your financial services partner.
  • We believe in delivering a consistent experience to our members; we believe our staff is vital in this delivery.  No matter which of our branches you visit, or whom you talk to, you’ll always be treated as an individual and receive excellent service.
  • We believe the quality of our relationship with members and with staff to be everything.  Having good relationships with our members so we are able to help them on their road to financial freedom is the pinnacle of our business.