Our Culture

Where you choose to bank has a significant impact on your financial future.  And there are many choices out there for you.

We appreciate this fact and realize that it is who we are as an organization that sets us apart and makes a difference in our members’ lives.  It isn’t just about offering great rates, free checking, and lower fees…although we are proud to offer affordable banking products to our members.  Forming relationships with our members, making decisions with them in mind first, and serving their financial needs is our utmost priority.

Our employees, members, and the people in our local communities are what make Pathways a unique place to bank.  A place you can trust.  Because it isn’t a number you call when you need assistance.  You’re calling your friend at the credit union to take care of your needs.  Whether you’ve been a member for awhile, or you’ve just joined, thank you for being part of our family.

What does Pathways pledge to its members?

  • To make banking as easy and efficient as possible.
  • We’ll always view you as a person; never a number.
  • We’ll always be a good partner in achieving financial goals.
  • We’ll strive to “do it right” the first time.
  • We’ll be your preferred option for a lending partner.
  • We will not fail you.

How will we endeavor to keep our promise?

  • By putting our members first in every decision we make.
  • By pursuing every possible way to add value to the relationship we have with our members.