Dear Valued Member

Your current ACSFCU credit card is a VISA card and our Pathways credit card is a MasterCard. Our contract with MasterCard requires us to only offer MasterCard products. Between now and September 30, 2019, we will need to migrate you to your new Pathways 1.5% Cash Back Rewards MasterCard.

To help with this change, you have been selected for a special 12-month, 0% offer on your credit card balance when you transfer your balance prior to September 30, 2019. Once you have your new Pathways Rewards MasterCard, you’ll also be able to see your credit card account activity live in our online home banking system.

Don’t Worry – We’ll Make This Easy! We can open your new Pathways MasterCard, transfer your existing balance, and then close your old ACSFCU VISA for you. You won’t have to apply for the new card and we won’t run any credit reports.

Just click the link below. We’ll do everything else for you.