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You work hard for your health care dollars. But did you know you can also put your health care dollars to work for you, now and in retirement?

If you are enrolled in a health savings accounts (HSA) with Pathways or Incenta, and if your account administrator offers an HSA investment platform, you can invest a portion of your HSA balance in stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

Why would you want to invest your HSA dollars? Here’s just a few of the benefits of investing:

  • Maximize your tax savings
  • Earn more on your unused dollars
  • Save for health care in retirement
  • Take control of your money and your investment activity
  • Easy access to your money, when you need it most

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“But what IS an HSA Platform?”

When you participate in HSA investments, you are typically investing in a suite of mutual funds made available to you through your HSA provider that allows you to invest a portion of your health care dollars in a variety of widely recognized mutual funds covering a spectrum of asset classes.

This gives you the potential to grow your HSA balance and save for future health care expenses. The funds in your HSA investment account are self-directed investments, but are still considered part of your HSA for tax purposes.

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