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About Pathways

About Our Credit Union

On August 1, 2012, three respected Central Ohio credit unions, Members First, Powerco, and Western became branches of Pathways Financial Credit Union.  We joined together to benefit from each others’ specialties and resources.  Our combined strength and stability gave us the ability to do more for our members and to ensure a successful future. In June 2013, WECU Credit Union joined Pathways, forming the WECU branch of Pathways in Marysville, Ohio.

The unique nature of our partnership also allows each of the brands to continue.  We did this in order to maintain the history and value that each brand brings to Pathways.  The members and communities surrounding each of our branches have come to know and trust the Members First, Powerco, WECU, and Western names.  And it is in through those histories that Pathways came to be and what will make Pathways Financial Credit Union a place that serves the needs of its members and surrounding communities for many years.  

Through this partnership, Pathways became better-positioned for future growth, which means:

  • Continued ability to offer new products and services to help improve your financial life!
  • Competitively-priced products and services that save you money.
  • Streamlined operating expenses, which provides economies of scale allowing your credit union to operate more efficiently and profitably…ultimately benefiting our members.

Each of our brands has a unique history.  Learn more:

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