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In the past, paying a loan could be a complicated process. But with Pathways, paying loans is painless! Choose from one of the following hassle-free methods so your payment is made on time, every time, from anywhere you are:


Make a Payment From An External AccountMake a Payment From an External Account
Pathways offers members the ability to utilize a non-Pathways debit card or bank account to make a payment on their Pathways loan or credit card. You can schedule future payments, and set up text or email payment reminders using this service. You will need your member number and loan suffix. Please keep in mind that there are third party fees associated with this service ($4.95 for debit card payments and $1.95 for ACH bank account debits). We encourage you to explore the other payment options (listed below) which are free.


Make Loan Payments Using Pathways’ ItsMe24/7 Home BankingMake Loan Payments Using Pathways’ Online Banking
Members who have their savings or checking account(s) at Pathways can easily and efficiently make instant payments to their Pathways loan or credit card accounts using our convenient Online Banking. This is a free service to Pathways members.


Make A PaymentACH Auto Deduction
ACH Auto Deduction authorizes Pathways Financial Credit Union to electronically collect your loan payment from a checking or savings account at another financial institution. Simply complete the “Preauthorized Payments” form, sign, and return it to a Pathways associate at one of our branches. This method takes 2-3 weeks to establish.


Make A PaymenPathways Mortgages Serviced by Midwest Loan Services
Do you have a Pathways mortgage serviced through Midwest Loan Services? Click the link above to access the Midwest Loan Services payment portal to make payments and view transaction history.


Contact Us Anytime!

While all of these options are helpful, we know that it’s a lot of information to take in. Please feel free to reach out via phone, email, or even visit one of our branch locations so we can help you set up any of these options.