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*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Your interest rate and repayment terms will be based on your individual credit history, property values, and other qualifying factors and may be different than rates quoted above. Credit score of 740+ required for rates listed above. All rates effective September 1, 2017 and are subject to change at any time without notice. Smart Path 5/5 ARM – Interest rate fixed for the first five years at 3.49% with an APR of 3.99%. EXAMPLE: a 5/5 ARM, 30 year SmartPath mortgage, 0 points. A $150,000 mortgage will be paid in 360 monthly installments of $612.36 during the first 60 months. Based on the current index and margin, the payment would adjust to $620.55 for the next 60 month period with subsequent rate adjustments occurring every 60 months. Initial discount rate reflects a reduction in effective rate until the first adjustment after the fifth year to the 1 Year Treasury Constant Maturity as published in the Wall Street Journal, presently 1.12%, plus a margin of 2.75%. Interest rate available for loan amounts between $50,000 and $417,000. Annual Percentage Rate (APR) reflects 85% Loan to Value based on appraisal. Rate caps are a maximum 2% adjustment every five years and a maximum 6% increase over the life of the loan. Example includes an estimated closing cost of $2,847. Our 12-year fixed rate mortgage interest rate assumes a $100,000 loan amount for qualified buyers with a maximum LTV of 80%. Minimum loan amount of $50,000. Closing costs charged for refinancing existing Pathways mortgage: $1,250. Power Equity Line of Credit – Maximum credit line of $100,000; maximum LTV of 80%. Closing cost fee will be assessed if HELOC is closed within 3 years of opening. The draw period on your HELOC will be available for 10 years, followed by up to a 10-year repayment period. This line cannot replace a first position mortgage and must be in first or second position. Minimum line issued is $25,000. Closing costs charged for refinancing existing Pathways HELOC: $625.