Transfer your auto loan to Pathways and get up to $1000 cash back, plus a new low rate.

Transfer your auto loan and earn up to $1,000 cash for holiday expenses, plus a new low rate and no payments for 90 days!

Pathways AutoWe have a Holiday Refinance offer for you that will put some extra money in your pocket for the holidays. And you could save more money every month.

If you transfer your auto loan from your current lender to Pathways before December 31, 2017, you could earn up to $1,000 cash back. Plus, you could save more money each month with a rate as low as 2.50% / 2.86% APR*.

And with no payments for 90 days, your first payment isn’t due until 2018. Use the extra savings to pay for holiday shopping, travel, celebrations, or anything else. And transferring your loan to Pathways is simple. You can apply now online, call (614) 276-6589, or visit any of our locations.

Refinance your auto loan at Pathways today and free up some extra cash for the holidays. We don’t want you to miss this limited time offer.

Calculate Your Potential Holiday Savings Below!

Your Savings

Interest savings: $
Transfer bonus: $
No payments for 3 months: $
Extra Money You Have for the Holidays: $

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. 2.50%/2.86% APR – Borrowers with 740+ credit score eligible for this rate. APR includes $175 document prep fee. Rate applies to used vehicles 2011-2016, maximum term 59 months. For cash back offer: Minimum loan amount $3,000; you will earn 1% of the auto loan balance transferred; maximum cash back $1,000. Loans refinanced under this program must remain open for at least six months or become subject to an early payoff penalty fee.