Pathways Certificate Deposit CD special offers

Stop being satisfied with low rates from your bank. Earn more with our Deposit Certificate Specials.

Put your money to work by moving it to Pathways and earn more with our limited-time certificate offers. Compare Pathways’ Deposit Certificate Specials with the average bank CD rates and the choice is clear. You earn more at Pathways.

Deposit Certificate Specials

  • Deposit your savings into a 60-Month Certificate and earn 2.50% APY*, a full 456% MORE than the average bank return (0.45% APY).
  • Open a 36-Month Certificate and earn 2.00% APY*, which is 967% MORE than the bank average (0.187% APY).

And with a maximum limit of $500,000 deposit, your money will work extra hard for you.

  • Or select our 4-Month Limited Participation Certificate and earn 4.00% APY on a maximum $2,500 deposit per household.

Call 614-276-6589 or visit any of our Central Ohio Branches for more information or to move your money into a Pathways Certificate.

These Deposit Certificate Specials end soon, so please act now.

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*APY = Annual Percentage Yield. There is a $500,000 limit for our 36-month or 60-month certificate special. All certificate specials are for new money only. For our 4-month limited participation special, maximum participation is $2,500 and is limited to one certificate per household. The 4-month certificate will automatically roll to a 12-month term upon maturity at regular 12-month rate in place at that time. Specials are valid through 1/31/2018. Pathways reserves the right to extend or end offers at any time. Bank CD rates average for compared products were pulled in an online survey from as of 11/17/17. Banks surveyed included Chase, Fifth Third, Huntington, and PNC.