Build Your Credit While Building Your Savings!

With Pathways Credit Builder, you can borrow a small amount of money – you choose how much! – and pay yourself back over time to build credit. At the end, you keep what you borrowed! Interested? See below for details!

Step 1 – Pick Your Monthly Payment 

First, build a monthly payment plan that fits your budget. Remember, you’re paying yourself back with this loan as a means of building credit while saving at the same time, so choose a loan amount you can afford while also helping you save. 

Step 2 – Make Your Monthly Payments

The safest way to build credit is making your regular payment – good thing you’re paying yourself back with on-time monthly payments anytime, anywhere through Online or Mobile Banking! 

Step 3 – Watch Your Savings and Credit Grow!

This is the best part. Before you know it, because you’re making regular payments, you’ll have built a credit score with a strong history, and a small bit of savings to show for it.

Watch your credit build in real-time with our FREE credit monitoring service, Savvy Money (also available through Online Banking!)


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