WECU Credit Union

WECUThe WECU branch of Pathways was founded in September of 1972 as Westreco Employees Credit Union to serve the employees of Westreco and their family members. A research company for Nestle, the Marysville plant focused on coffee and tea research.

Over time, Westreco Employees Credit Union began building relationships with other Select Employee Groups in the Marysville area, including employees of the City of Marysville, Memorial Hospital of Union County, and Marysville City Schools. When the credit union moved off of Westreco’s property in 1996, its member/owners approved changing the name to WECU Credit Union.  Eventually Nestle changed the names of their research companies and Westreco became Nestle R & D, Inc. The WECU branch still proudly maintains strong ties with Nestle.

At the time it became part of Pathways Financial Credit Union, WECU Credit Union provided financial services to more than 3,000 members and had total assets of $26 million.