A Better Amazon – Online Shopping Tips

Some Amazon shopping mistakes you should avoid

Shopping on Amazon is often a great way to save money and time. The site has good deals backed by fast shipping. Americans have certainly taken notice: According to a report from EMarketer, the retail site now accounts for 49 percent of America’s ecommerce. While there’s plenty to like about Amazon, that doesn’t mean there aren’t pitfalls too. Here are some Amazon shopping mistakes you should avoid.Caring About ColorsAmazon prices the colors of a product according to consumer demand. If most people buy a black stapler, it’s often the most expensive. You can save some cash by choosing the cheapest version of the product, not the one in a certain color.

Ignoring Offer Listings

Amazon provides more than one offer for any given product, you just have to look for them. On a product page, you’ll see the price in red. However, below that will be a link for additional prices, featuring both new and used versions of the same product. Click that link and you could find some great (or at least better) deals.

You Forget About the Seasons

If you’re on the hunt for seasonal products, you can save some cash by timing your purchase. As CNBC notes, try buying a grill in the winter or a new vacuum in April, right before spring cleaning season. Amazon consistently discounts items that are either out-of-season or right about to come into the season. It’s your job to make sure you’re shopping at the right time.

Source: Savvymoney.com